This guide has been created to give you a suggested RDB burner replacement option for your residential oil boiler
Use the drop down options to select the required boiler make, model and output.  The suggested replacement option will be displayed below. 
Please note that there may be a product specific burner code for the boiler available directly from the manufacturer. Your supplier can advise.

Use the drop down lists below to select your boiler make, model and output.


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DISCLAIMER: Riello Limited is not liable for any product incorrectly matched to an appliance, incorrectly installed or used in an unsuitable environment. The information provided is based solely on the heat requirement of the appliance. It is essential that you verify the dimensional requirements of the application i.e. head diameter, head length, mounting dimensions, overall physical size of the burner, etc. It is also important to check the suitability of the fuel type, electrical controls and the condition of the environment in which the burner will be located. The burner is supplied with a default oil nozzle, pump pressure setting and air setting - these will need to be checked and changed as necessary.
The burner and appliance must be installed, commissioned and serviced by a fully qualified and competent engineer.

For further advice you can either contact our Technical team or download the burner manuals.

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