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RX 35 S/PV H

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Riello RX gas burner series, completely designed and developed by Riello for premix combustion technology, is the best answer to low polluting emissions and it allows to achieve high modulating turn down ratios. On models with outputs up to 250 kW the mixing of gas and air takes place within the aspiration circuit of the burner, ensuring a perfect air-gas mixture delivered to the combustion head and achieving low pollution emissions and high combustion efficiency. An exclusive Riello designed “Brushless” motor controls the fan speed and gas proportional valves and provides a perfect power output control. The combustion head on models up to 500 kW is distinguished by a patented special “seamless knitted wire” which is produced through the use of a new technology. The manufacturing without a welded seam helps to avoid problems concerning thermal stress. The efficient air-gas mixing and control from the fan speed along with the special metallic fibre of the combustion head provides high turn down ratios (typically 7:1). The RX series burner operation can be “two stages progressive” or alternatively “modulating”. They are available with or without the burner cover, in standard or airtight configuration and allow a highly flexible configuration depending on the application. In particular, the electronic control represents an open and versatile system.

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